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Re Insurance
IRA Re-Insurance Brokers is an Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers specialized in both facultative placements and treaties. We can develop reinsurance solutions for our clients that are absolutely tailored to their needs, in both the Specialty lines and Property

We offers clients industry-leading catastrophe management, actuarial, rating agency advisory and risk and capital strategy expertise. In placements, we quantify the effectiveness of reinsurance and help structure optimal risk transfer programs. Beyond the placement, we provide solutions for risk and concentration analysis, portfolio optimization, catastrophe modeling, pricing and cost recovery, and economic capital modeling.

Claims, Contract Wording and Client Services
Effective reinsurance client service focuses on meeting your needs, at any time, in any place. Emphasizing the importance of accountability, superior communication and transparency.

Facultative Reinsurance
IRA Re-Insurance Brokers is a facultative intermediary, providing clients with transactional services and risk advice in the facultative sector. We work closely with our Treaty, Analytics and Investment Banking colleagues to offer our worldwide client base the broadest portfolio of integrated capital solutions and services. 

Treaty Reinsurance
We are uniquely positioned to provide you with flexible treaty programs, structured and priced in ways that reflect your unique objectives and underwriting profile.
Our experts are aligned with specialty practice groups that use industry experience, advanced analytics, capital market products and strong market relationships to identify markets for clients and support the creation of new capacity to address the changing needs of our clients.

Products & Services

Please see if we can have any opportunity on areas mentioned below. We have markets for it.

  • Auto/ Extended Warranty.
  • Terrorism and Political Violence business. (Our team has done much of treaties and retro business on it). 
  • Political Risk Credit Risk. Credit Insurance.
  • Contingency Insurance, Handset Insurance Schemes.
  • Consumer Product Warranty.
  • Performance and other Bonds.
  • Mass Health & PA Policies.
  • PA Policies that are exclusions (Soldiers, Armed forces etc).  Personal accident treaties generally excludes Hazardous occupations. Such as Soldiers, Police, Armed forces, Water sports, Motor sports etc. We would cover them.
  • Stand along Liability, special areas facility, treaties.
  • GAP Insurance.
  • Residual Value insurance.
  • Creating binders.

We can do Treaties for the following :

  • High Valued Cars, Heavy Vehicles including TPL, PAB and OD – Quota share, XL treaties.
  • Political Violence, Terrorism Treaty with Property Damage, Business Interruption and Terrorism Liability.
  • Treaties for Performance & other bonds, Credit insurance.
  •  Auto Fac Treaty to increase the capacity.
  • Second Surplus treaty / parallel treaty for increasing capacity on all class.
  • Stand alone Liability treaties.
  • Stand alone marine & marine liability treaties.
  • Traditional treaties.

On Facultative side, we have done following, please use our team and experience in your fac requirements.

  • All kinds of Property, engineering, marine account.
  • Cargo, Project Cargo (with or without DSU).
  • All Marine Liability (Haulier’s Liability, Carrier’s legal liability, Freight Forward’s liability, Terminal Operator Liability, Stevedore¹s Liability.
  • Container Insurance.
  • Ship Repairers Liability.
  • Port Liability.
  • Recreational Marine (or yachts - used for personal pleasure).
  • Contractor¹s Plant & Machinery (on a standalone basis).
  • Aviation Liability, Fuelling & Refuelling Liability.
  • JB, Specie, Fine Art etc.
  • Marine Hull, P&I.
  • All kinds of Liability (casualty & Financial Lines). We have done stand alone Liability treaties such as Stand alone PI, stand alone MedMal, stand alone Financial lines, Casualty etc.